Global Meeting

Improving networkers ability to share opportunities 

Your company.
One app. One team


Imagine being able to find and create meetings on the go, no matter where you are in the world, your able to find a meeting, convenient and geographically.

Imagine gathering the entire salesforce of your company under one roof, so everybody can share and see every meeting within the company, whether its crossline or not.

An incredible tool to invite people you meet on the go when your travelling, always being able to find a meeting near you to bring your prospects.  

Locate Meetings Globally
No matter where you are in the world, you can always find meetings made by the ever growing sales force of your company. 

More Support
Faster exposure of your opportunity, since more meetings are now shared and attendable for you and your prospects!

More awareness. Get a push notification when you are invited for a meeting, when someone accepts your invitation or simply just if details are changed for the meetings that you are attending! 

We recommend you to login with either Facebook or Twitter. When you sign up just choose your Company in the list. Now you only see meetings within your company.

Fill in the agenda for the meeting and let your associates know what is going to happen.


The Buzz About Our App

"Works like a dream!"
One of the best tools i have ever used to improve my network marketing business. 

Erik H. Hansen

"Excellent for frequent travellers"
 I usually travel a lot and its so nice to finally being able to see meetings shared in other countries that i can bring my guests to.

Christine Anderson

"So easy to navigate!"
I'm a terrible navigator! But now i just click on the meeting and navigation and it just uses my existing navigation on my phone. and off i go! how easy is that?

Janni Stark

"Great for the speakers"
Now i can finally see with a face who is attending my meeting and how many. Also gives me the chance to prepare better and give everybody a better experience.

Peder Pedersen

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About Us

We are two guys who have been involved in the Network Marketing industry for 20 years combined. And we really wanted to create a tool that would improve the way we work together.

With this app, you have a chance to not only work closer with your own team, but also work cross line with everyone else within the company.

We feel that this app will help you connect in a whole new way. 


From here you can invite all members within your company, or select your already premade group to invite them all at once. Or simply just tell people to follow you, and they will get an invitation everytime you create a meeting! 

Invitations you receive will appear here. Here you can view the meeting details and location, before accepting the invitation, simply by clicking on the invitation. 

When accepting a meeting, The meeting will automatically be placed into your calendar as a reminder. And warn you 1 day and also 2 hours before the meeting starts. 

Create your meetings wherever you want, whenever you want.

All the necessary details that puts the meeting geographically correct on the map. Easy to find, easy  to locate.